Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flash Builder Burrito & Flex Hero Pre-release Available now

   In case you aren’t aware, Adobe Max Conference in LA is going on right now, this is where Adobe shows their cool new stuff and where you can go and learn a bunch of stuff. In the Keynote Adobe emphasized the concept of publishing to all kinds of devices, tablets, phones, Blue-ray Players, and TV’s. Yes, Samsung will be releasing a TV that runs Adobe Air. It’s nice to see that Adobe isn’t standing still and it’s finally moving forward into the device market, so you can continue to Flash on.

   With this announcement they released publicly the Flash Builder Burrito preview. Flash Builder Burrito is the “next” Flash Builder. It’s pretty stable and it has some new features that should have been there so long ago, but it’s nice to have them finally. For example you get snipplets, code completion on Metadata tags, generate functions and more.

   It also includes a pre-release Flex Hero SDK (which is Flex 4.5 SDK). Flex Hero is supposed to be able to run on Devices, and Flash Builder Burrito actually let’s you start projects specifically for Devices. Flex Hero is not complete, but there is enough to get you started. It does have some neat features to help you build UI’s for devices. It also has support for TLF2, a new Spark Image and a new Spark Data Grid.

   I like the new features of “Burrito” and I have already made use of the new Spark Image. It’s pretty sweet. You can have one or more master content loaders, which you can use to cache content, or queue content loading, and actually set priority to the queue. These features are great for me, as I have run into the issue of loading thumb images before.

   Also with Flash Builder Burrito, they release Flash Catalyst Panini. The new “great” thing about Panini is that it’s now finally possible to create a project in Catalyst “Panini”, sent it to Flash Builder, send it back to Catalyst, send it back to Builder… you get the point. Round tripping is finally possible.

With Burrito you get a 60 day trial, which you can extend if you have a valid Flash Builder 4 key.
With Panini you get a 30 dary trial, which you can extend with a valid Suite CS5 key or a Catalyst key.

You can watch the keynotes of Max and some other session here:

You can also download:
Flash Builder Burrito here:
Flex Hero (4.5) SDK here: which is included in Burrito
Flash Catalyst Panini here:

  Happy coding!

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